When it comes to New Orleans roofing types there are two basic categories of roofing, residential and commercial roofing. It is not hard to decipher what the distinction is but to be clear it is based on the style of the structure not necessarily whether the structure is used as a home vs an office, etc.

Commercial Roofing in New Orleans

There are literally dozens of roofing types that could fall under this application however commercial roofing in New Orleans is usually one of three types, metal roofing, flat/asphalt roofing or rubber roofing. Select which roofing application you would like to learn about by clicking on the title.

Residential Roofing in New Orleans

The most common types of roofing used for most any residential roof nationally is asphalt shingles. However, it is also common to see tile, slate, and even metal roofing as well.