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Aluminum Patio Cover Installation

Designed for New Orleans weather

Though there is no product that is actually 100% “weatherproof,” aluminum sure does come close. This is why we always recommend to aluminum patio cover installation to our customers when they come to us looking for a way to beat the heat. We can design and build a patio cover in any number of materials including wood and metal, however, nothing quite comes close to the affordability and long-lasting beauty of aluminum patio covers.

Quality Installation

The fact of the matter is that it is not terribly complicated to install a basic, standalone patio cover. For anyone with a bit of know-how and the proper tools, it can usually be knocked out in a weekend. It is, however, imperative that it be done right using only the best quality fasteners and techniques. Because we are a full construction and roofing company, we bring in not only the expertise of a patio cover installer but also years of understanding in general construction and roofing. This is to make sure that any and all installations are customized to fit perfectly and blend into your home seamlessly.

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New Orleans Patio Cover Install
New Orleans Patio Cover Install2