New Construction in New Orleans

New Construction in New Orleans

New Orleans Custom Home Build

Designed for New Orleans living

No project is too big, this New Orleans new construction project was a great example of what we can do for you. There is no better way to highlight this than to show off our latest project. A complete residential home construction in New Orleans. From the pilings to the trim and all interior work in between we designed and built a wonderful new home for one lucky family in the New Orleans area. Located at 5825 Lafaye St, New Orleans, LA 70122 from property demo to inspection ready we knocked this out in under 3 months. Though we pride our selves on quality we are especially proud of the quick turnaround and amazing living space we were able to create.

Chech out the property on

Quality Installation

Whether you have structural framing needs, simple repairs or you are ready that new construction or add-on, we truly are your turnkey solution. With years of construction knowledge and countless projects and repairs under our belts, we are your professional contractor of choice in the Greater New Orleans area. We work within your budget to offer a quality first solution.  Click or call for your free quote.

new metal roof install in new orleans

New Orleans Metal Roof Replacement

New Orleans Standing Seam Metal Roof

Metal Roofing in New Orleans

This is a New Orleans metal roof replacement job we recently completed on Margaret St. in New Orleans. This is a full roof replacement that was done with architectural metal panels that have a standing seam. Due to the materials and the distinct “standing seam” these are some of the strongest roofs in the industry and a great choice for a roof replacement in New Orleans. These types of roofs can vary in warranty length anywhere from 10- 30 years depending on the panel manufacturer and roof specs.

Fast Roof Replacement

In addition to being one of the best investments architectural metal roofs are virtually maintenance free and go on quickly. This job took us only a few weeks from start to finish, resulting in savings for the customer.

New Orleans Tile Roof finished

New Orleans Terra Cotta Tile Roof

Terra Cotta Tile Roofing

Fifty Year Roof

The terra cotta tile roof adds style and a timeless look to nearly any property. In addition, because the tile is so durable they are often last 50 years or more. Hands down this is one of the most cost effective and decorative roofing products on the market for the last 100 years. These roof tiles are second only to slate roofing tiles which generally are deemed the 100 year roof.

Cost vs Value

The value of terra cotta tile is well worth the cost. Though the installation and product are a bit more expensive then the alternatives it is also one of the longest lasting. When your investment lasts nearly twice as long as its closest alternative you begin to respect the value which more than out weighs the cost.

New Orleans standing seam metal roofing installation2

New Orleans Metal Roofing Panel Installation

Standing Seam Architectural Metal Panels

Hurricane Proof

Though there is no product that is actually 100% “hurricane proof” metal standing seam roofs are the closest to it. Rated up to 200mph sustained winds these roofs are built to last.

Installation is Key

Standing seam metal roofing can be rated up to 200mph however it must first pass inspection from the manufacturer in order to get the warranty. If you do not hire the right company for the job, you are risking the integrity of the roofing system entirely. This is why Clayton Construction Service meticulously maintains quality control through out the entire installation. We guarantee our work and won’t leave until you get your manufacturers warranty.