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Roofing Facts in New Orleans

Quick fact check against common Roofing Questions.

False: If I get a cheaper roof installed than my Insurance estimate, then I can pocket the difference.
Truth: If you try to pocket the difference, it is basically insurance fraud. An insurance company will not allow you to keep any money if you hire a cheaper company than the estimate. Essentially, you are only saving the insurance company money if you do this and are likely to get a lesser quality product.
False: Filing a claim will cause my insurance to get canceled or raised.
Truth: Insurance companies cannot cancel policies based on disaster-related claims, so there is no need to worry; however, if there is a disaster, it is likely your policy will see an increase whether you file a claim or not.
In most disasters, the surrounding areas are also affected, causing rates to go up. With these facts in mind, do not hesitate to file a claim with your insurance company, that is why you have insurance and there are laws in place to protect you from losing coverage for a claim.
False: Hail damage is not bad enough to file a claim for.
Truth: Hail damage is often misunderstood as a “minor” issue and many times put off by homeowners. The fact is, hail damage may not look bad from the ground but be damaged enough to cause leaks and void the warranty on many roofing shingle manufacturers.
Hail may or may not be cosmetically damaged, but be sure to check the shingle tabs are not damaged. The power of a small point hitting with enough force can often cause the tabs to be unsealed or damaged, which then can lead to future issues and even loss of manufacturer warranties. Get a professional to look at it immediately.
Many times roofing companies like Clayton Construction Services will inspect the roof and offer a free estimate if work is required.

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