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Gutters and Trim

Your trusted roof replacement contractor in the Greater New Orleans area.

Clayton Construction Service can install gutters and trim on your home or commercial building, whether it’s with vinyl, aluminum, or metal, updating your existing trim or replacement wood trim. All of our trim is custom fabricated and will look and fit beautifully, covering the fascia boards, frieze boards, rake boards around, window and door casings, window sills, and jamb and header areas of entry and garage doors. When you call us for an estimate, we will come out and measure your trim and dimensions for a perfect fit that seamlessly beautifies and protects your home.

We can fabricate and install seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts that are made right on-site. Because we fabricate the gutters on-site, you get a flawless product that is not subjected to the scratches, dents, and dings of normal transportation. Our gutters and downspouts come in a wide selection of colors and are installed with hidden hangers and hand-cut corners (miters). We always plan out where your downspouts will go so the gutters will always work efficiently in diverting and moving water properly. If you have special needs, such as downspouts to feed directly to sub drains, require a more robust downspout for high-traffic areas, or need many different bends and miters to match the wall profile, we can handle it.

Here are our most popular gutters and trim colors.

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